There are few things worse than an issue with your car cropping up whilst you’re in the middle of driving, especially if you are nowhere near any garages. Imagine driving home for Christmas along a winding country lane and suddenly you drive over a particularly deep pothole or sharp object, leaving you with every driver’s enemy – a flat tyre.

Whether you know how to change a tyre or not, this can leave you vulnerable being left on the road, and waiting for repair services to then take you to a garage or in-house tyre centre can be a lengthy process. This is why mobile tyre repair services are a saviour to all drivers.

Keep reading to learn more about what tyre repair services could do for you.

Mobile Tyre Fitting: Tyres Fitted at Home + Tyres Fitted at Work

Tyre repair services, such as Rubber Lou Tyres, offer mobile tyre fittings at your chosen location. There are many conveniences to having your tyres refitted this way as opposed to getting them repaired or fitted at an in-house tyre centre.

If you were stuck at work or home and had an issue with your tyres that needed to be sorted imminently, getting your vehicle to an in-house tyre centre could pose an issue. It is unsafe to drive your vehicle with a flat or punctured tyre, which could result in a road accident being more likely – putting both your personal safety and the safety of others (drivers and/or pedestrians) at risk.

As a result, you would have to arrange someone to tow your vehicle. It’s not guaranteed that you will have someone in your contact list that has the sufficient means or availability to help you in this way, meaning you would most likely have to call a towing service. This would cost you extra money on top of whatever you’d be paying for your tyre service, something which many people would be hesitant to do – especially given the current cost of living crisis we are facing.

When you then get to an in-house tyre centre, not only will you have to wait whilst your tyre gets refitted (though this should take only half an hour on average) you will still have to wait for your car to be seen in the given slot that you have booked for; not to mention, if you have an issue with multiple tyres, this will mean you have to wait even longer. This accumulation of time is not ideal when you’re sticking to a schedule.

As opposed to all these inconveniences, a mobile tyre fitting service comes directly to you, wherever you are. This sufficiently cuts down the time it takes for your tyres to be seen, as there is no need for the ‘middle man’, also meaning that as soon as they reach you they can get to work on your tyre(s) straight away. This also cuts your costs, as you will only be paying for the tyre and service, which are often priced at competitive rates – an added bonus for you and your wallet.

Avoid a Breakdown

As we have already stated, it is unsafe to drive with damaged tyres. Doing so risks further damage to them that could lead to a breakdown and additional damage to your car elsewhere – equaling to further costs on your end. Breaking down is not ideal, not only for the nuisance it causes you but also for the hazard it could present.

Though it is best to pull over in as safe a space as you can when your car breaks down, this is sometimes unavoidable. Breaking down in the middle of a road, especially if you are on a bend, corner or busy road, puts you at a higher risk of being hit by other vehicles who may not see you straight away or realise that you have broken down (although they hopefully would upon seeing your hazard lights).

Rather than risk a breakdown by driving to a garage, opting for mobile services is the much more cost-efficient and reliable option to take.

24-Hour Emergency Call-outs

Even worse than finding you have an issue with your tyre(s) whilst you’re at home, work or parked in a familiar place, is when you suffer a puncture in the middle of nowhere. And even worse than that is if it happens at night.

No one wants to be waiting out in the dark and cold, especially if they are in a place that they are not familiar with. This can understandably be an anxious situation to find yourself in, compromising your safety and solutions. If you find yourself stranded at night, you would be able to enlist the help of a recovery service to tow your car away to the closest garriage or tyre centre; however, these are unlikely to be open, meaning you would have to wait until morning before you could even enquire about their services, most likely having to wait even longer before your car is seen.

Then you’d have the hassle of acquiring transport to make it home, or at least to a safe location to spend the night, such as a friend’s house, hotel or 24-hour establishment. Once again, this can have an unfavourable impact on your time, money and wellbeing, which is less than ideal.

Perhaps you know how to change a tyre yourself, which is a resourceful skill for any driver to have, however trying to do so in the dark makes this much harder and far less safe for you to carry out. At such a time, it is even more important to have an experienced and trained professional to do this for you, offering peace of mind that you can go on with your drive with no further issues or risk of your tyre being fitted improperly.

Thankfully, mobile tyre services offer 24-emergency call-outs and same day tyre fitting, meaning you will not have to worry about being stranded in the middle of nowhere overnight before your tyre(s) can be refitted. They will be able to reach you and replace your tyre(s) in a matter of hours if not less, allowing you to be back on the road and en route to your destination in no time.

Fast Time Slots

Since it takes approximately half an hour to fit a single tyre, typically two hour slots are allocated per person when using a mobile tyre repair service. Not only does this offer you a guarantee that you will be receiving fast, efficient service, it is unlikely that you will have to wait longer than two hours for them to reach you, depending on whether they are refitting someone else’s tyres when you call.

The response time and service you will receive from start to finish with a mobile tyre repair company will be much more punctual and efficient than that of an in-house tyre centre. These will often have other cars that need to be serviced before yours, and may even require you to book an appointment that is not on the same day as you call.

Furthermore, in-house tyre centres are much more likely to stall your time further by attempting to make up-sales and trying to persuade you to choose a more expensive tyre than what you need. Mobile services, on the other hand, have a range of tyres that will be suitable for your vehicle at varied prices and will respect your initial choice on which of these you opt for, ensuring you’re driving your vehicle again as soon as possible.

On top of speedy response times and service, mobile services understand the unpredictability and urgency of finding yourself in the situation where you have a punctured tyre. This is why they offer multiple payment options so that everyone can benefit from their services, whether you have cash or card.

Tyre Repair Service in the South West

Whether you live in the South West or are simply passing through or visiting, if you find yourself with a flat tyre, then Rubber Lou Tyres will come to you.

Servicing Swindon and the surrounding area (including Bath, Bristol, Gloucester, Oxford, Reading and Winchester), we offer mobile puncture repair services at your desired location. All our tyres are competitively priced, with a range of budget, mid-range and premium tyres available including those from leading brands.

With 24 hour call outs available, contact us whenever you need and we will be sure to have one of our friendly, experienced technicians with you in no time.

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