How To Keep Your Tyres Safe For Winter Driving

Are you wondering how to keep your tyres safe over the winter months? During the colder weather, ensuring your tyres are roadworthy is an essential part of safe driving. Unsuitable tyres can also impact your car’s performance and grip on the road. Here’s how to keep your tyres ready for winter driving with Rubber Lou Tyres.

Use The Right Tyres

The simplest way for safe winter driving is to use the right tyres. At Rubber Lou Tyres we stock and install winter and autumn road-worthy tyres for extra grip and security during the colder months. Winter tyres help with grip, performance and tracking, minimising the risk of dangerous car drifts when on the road. They also ensure safe driving during adverse weather like rain, snow, hail or ice.

Be Prepared

If you put suitable car and tyre check and repair products in the boot, you can feel confident that you’re prepared for any adverse weather conditions. Invest in a pressure gauge and tread gauge so you can ensure that your tyres are road safe (minimum tread gauge is 1.6mm). Better yet, keep your boot well stocked with a tyre inflator and a puncture repair kit so you’re ready for any unexpected situations. If in doubt, you can give us a call at Rubber Lou’s Tyres for speedy tyre fitting services in Swindon.

Store Your Winter Tyres Properly

When not in use, you should store your winter tyres properly in a safe, dry location. Make sure they are stored inside, as keeping tyres out in all weather can negatively impact their performance. Keep them out of direct sunlight, and make sure the area surrounding them is not damp or cold. Make sure they are away from hot radiators or pipes as this can cause the rubber to stretch and warp.

Check Their Condition Before Use

Before using your winter tyres for the first time this season, inspect their condition before use. Make sure there are no cuts or nicks on the surface. Use your pressure gauge and tread gauge to ensure they are ready for the road. You should also make sure there are no screws, glass, or sharp objects embedded in the tyre that might cause further damage.

Clean Your Tyres

You should clean your tyres at the end of their use during the winter season. Make sure their surface is clean to make it easier to check for damage. You can use mild shampoo and water to clear away dirt, or grime from the surface. Clean them before you store them for the winter months and when you take them out of storage if they are a little dirty.

We’re Here To Help At Rubber Lou’s Tyres

At Rubber Lou’s Tyres, we install and service tyres across Swindon and the surrounding areas. Contact us today for advice and support on how to keep your tyres safe for driving this winter. Don’t let poor weather impact your tyre performance and grip.