Car Tyres     

Half of all road accidents are caused by skidding, so here at Rubber Lou Tyres, we understand how important it is that your tyres are in the best possible condition and fitted by professionals. We supply a great selection of tyres for our customers at amazing prices.

Our mobile fitting vans can come to your property, work or any other location to replace your tyres and take away the damaged ones. You shouldn’t risk driving on damaged or low tread tyres, so get in touch today for tyre installation and replacement.

4×4 Tyres 

Rubber Lou Tyres has a great selection of 4×4 tyres, for both off-road driving and for vehicles that predominantly stay on road. We can supply and install your 4×4 tyres with a quick and expert service, ensuring you have the correct tyres for your vehicle.

We source our tyres from reliable suppliers and can offer them to customers at great deals.

Winter Tyres

Cold weather tyres are hugely beneficial in the winter months, helping with performance and grip. The tread design helps to improve grip, control and tracking in conditions when temperatures drop below 7°C. This improves the handling, along with the brake efficiency.

We can supply and install winter tyres and high-performance tyres to our customers in Swindon and the surrounding areas.

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